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My studio is a hive of activity……… PrettyPix it provides stunning studio & location, lifestyle photography.


SassyStudios is the heart of my commercial work. Shooting photography & film for business is always exciting.


Im so in love with weddings. Shooting such a special day is an amazing an honour. The passion, the fun, the drama.


Taking images + Making Images
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Photography , film & print. Capturing images commercial Food, products, fashion and lifestyle is my passion. When i undertake a project or event, i pour everything i am into it. My focus is to deliver exactly what my customer wants. A mood, a feeling, a message or just a very pretty picture that captures imagination & communicates. I've been asked to shoot random stuff as well the less random. Pool tables, pens, burgers & sauces. I have been given very specific instructions, but also been given complete license. I work from my own studios in Rendlesham, but also have full mobile studio facilities. I love getting my mind around a challenge. Getting asked to shoot a mood or translate a vibe is not as easy as it sounds, but i absolutely love what i do and i hope it shows in every image i take. Contact me if you want to see if i can help you. Everything to do with image.

  • Passion

    I love what i do & pour 100% into every project

  • Energy

    Is it possible to be laid back & hyper at the same time ?

  • Creativity

    The creation of "something original and worthwhile"

  • Curiosity

    inquisitive thinking. Exploration, investigation, and learning


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